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Yili Arctic Ocean: Inherit Classics, Move towards Brilliant

Yili Arctic Ocean: Inherit Classics, Move towards Brilliant


With the formulation of a number of advanced manufacturing development strategies and plans in various countries, the adjustment of industrial structure, and promotion of industrial transformation, there is an urgent need to improve production capacity and efficiency with the intelligent manufacturing. At the same time, new technologies such as AI, Internet of Things, and 5G have penetrated into the industrial field. A number of advanced manufacturing companies, including Newamstar, are urged to make efforts in the field of intelligent logistics, ushering in new changes in the manufacturing industry.

In 2015, Newamstar took the lead in introducing intelligent warehouse into the food and beverage industry, and has successively cooperated with many well-known food and beverage companies in China to help customers get through the joint of production and storage, and is committed to providing total integration and general contracting services of integrated production and storage solutions for intelligent factories of liquid products.

In 2020, Newamstar joined hands with Beijing Yiqing Food Group Co., Ltd. to provide intelligent warehouse solutions for Yili Arctic Ocean (Beijing) Food Co., Ltd. and Anhui Yili Arctic Ocean Food Co., Ltd. respectively.

Established in 2013, Beijing Yiqing Food Group Co., Ltd. is subordinate to Beijing Yiqing Holding Co., Ltd. and has two national brands of “Yili” and “Arctic Ocean”. It is a large comprehensive group integrating science, industry, trade and culture. “Yi Li” was founded in 1906, and “Arctic Ocean” was founded in 1936. Whether it is Yili Food, which has created the oldest single bread products, or the Arctic Ocean, which has created China’s juice soda, they have been the youthful memories of several generations of Beijingers. They not only represent an unforgettable taste of childhood, but also innovate to create the first in many industries, leaving many high-quality products, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of China’s food industry.

A century-old brand, a century of great changes, Yili Arctic Ocean has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In order to better give back to consumers, deliver safe and reliable products to consumers more quickly, and realize the magnificent transformation from traditional industries to intelligent manufacturing, Yili Arctic Ocean is considering introducing an intelligent warehouse system. Compared with traditional warehousing and logistics, the intelligent warehouse system has a series of advantages:

· The automatic storage and retrieval of unit goods can be completed under the control of the computer system, and the cooperation of automatic storage equipment and the computer management system can be used to realize the rationalization of the high-level placement of the warehouse, thereby reducing errors, accelerating the pace of storage and retrieval of goods, and improving operational efficiency;

· Improve space utilization, reduce inventory, and save land investment costs;

· Reduce labor intensity, improve the working environment of workers, and reduce labor costs;

· Realize overall system optimization, improve enterprise production efficiency and modern management level. At the same time, improve customer satisfaction and realize fast and reliable traceability of food safety.

These advantages are exactly the new development momentum that Yili Arctic Ocean Company intends to develop and excavate, based on the present, moving towards the future, and realizing a new round of strategic planning. At the beginning of 2020, a sudden COVID-19 made Yili Arctic Ocean Company feel the urgency and necessity of launching the project, and accelerated the progress for the construction of the intelligent warehouse. In June of the same year, Yili Arctic Ocean Company decided to invite bids for the project. After screening and combined with the investigation, Newamstar was specially invited to participate in the technical exchange before the bidding of its warehouse.

With the forward-looking concepts and rich engineering experience in whole plant, Newamstar conducts customized design. Combining the characteristics of the product, the requirements of in and out of the warehouse, the characteristics of the plant and the logistics, the constructive solution of the roadway stacker warehouse is proposed to help customer maximize the benefits. At the same time, according to the changes in the production line parameters, the jacking or transportation type AGV vehicle and unmanned smart forklift are configured to help customer realize the construction of digital smart factory. In the end, after internal review and comparison, Yili Arctic Ocean Company unanimously agreed that the solution provided by Newamstar satisfies its demand for intelligent logistics, and Newamstar won the bid with obvious advantages and successfully signed the contract.

Towards the end of 2020, the global anti-epidemic situation has suddenly changed and the epidemic situation is becoming more and more serious. While strictly doing the daily epidemic prevention work, Newamstar project team worked overtime on site for the installation, commissioning and operation of the project. Finally the project was delivered on schedule. It not only brought many convenience to the market operation of “Arctic Ocean” soda water, but also promoted the revival of national brands.

The all-round launch and operation of Newamstar intelligent logistics system is the connection between Industry 4.0 and intelligent manufacturing technology and an important bargaining chip for participating in international competition. Standing at the new starting point of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Newamstar is brave to overcome difficulties, strive for excellence, continue to win victories, constantly deliver the power of innovation, better meet the flexible needs of production, strive to promote deeper development and reform of the industry, and strive to provide customers with greater application value.


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    15/09/2021 at 05:44

    The pursuit is endless, and the progress is unstoppable.

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    10/03/2020 at 02:44

    Newamstar has always adhered to the business philosophy of innovation-driven development, quality-winning market, and is committed to providing customers with integrated solutions from automatic production lines to intelligent logistics.

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    Help customer realize the building of the digital smart factory.

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